Word Up Rodeo is an New Jersey/New York-based pet agency that allows you to choose any type of pet you may be interested in owning, and in return we will find the best-looking and most healthy version of it while personally delivering it to your home… and get this: with no obligation to buy it! After years of owning all types of mammals (foxes, pigs, bengal cat, puppies, hedgehogs) we have come to realize the most difficult decision about getting a pet is not knowing whether or not it will go with the rest of your home. Here at Word Up Rodeo we believe a pet and owner should be given a 'trial period' the same way an engaged couple would live together before they got married: to see if they can co-exist under the same roof… If there is not an immediate connection when we bring your potential pet to your residence with all legal paperwork, you will be offered a 4-hour trial period for a fee of $50. In these 4 hours, a head of a household could determine if the pet would get along with other animals, young children, the furniture, etc. The $50 would later be taken off the price if you decided to buy. If for some reason the pet is not a good mix with your home, we will gladly find him or her another loving owner while immediately searching for a new potential member of your family. The foundation of Word Up Rodeo is offering our clients a stress-free process in adopting the best-looking, most healthy and affordable baby pets with no worrying about being stuck with a burden. Call it the 'Gamefly' of the pet industry… "try before you buy." Word Up Rodeo is not a supporter of PETA ( #TeamKimK ) and is behind the movement of making certain exotic pets legal in all states while opening the minds of animal-lovers in what 'wild' animals can be domesticated. For example, the March 2011 issue of National Geographic has this headline: "Designing the Perfect Pet: Can a fox become man's best friend?" (read this article) http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/03/taming-wild-animals/ratliff-text We mainly specialize in finding our clients these baby mammals: puppies of all kind including teacup sizes, hedgehogs, micro-pigs bengal/serval cats, arctic/red foxes, wolf/dog hybrids, jack-rabbits, fawn deer, certain primates, sloths, fruit bats, mini-kangaroos/wallabies (check state laws/ no lawyers) + more. *No exotic pet request is strange to us, as we do not discriminate against amphibians, reptiles, birds, or fish. However, we will never deal with ostriches or emus, as they are Krayon Koz's worst fear and him being chased/pecked by a pack of them would be his living hell. Snakes OK. Armadillos are too gross. Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WordUp95Productions?fref=ts