Decided to use this website as a blog to track this journey to self-fulfillment. Here’s the first Ka Rikka Rant: Ok so now it’s time for the darker, more relentless side to come out in the music a.k.a. Ka Rikka. After pitching on the mound today and throwing straight heat then hitting like a monster in BP, it occurred to me that all I wanna do is strike people out while using any God-given skill that can prove superiority/legitimacy with no room for debate. I just released this pop love song Juicy Pants (Like Summer Love still my fav pop one), so now I’m gonna do a polar opposite with the next song. 4 of my fav skills so far: throwing a baseball, writing/articulation, always knowing what women are thinking/their opinion of me (also a weakness), knowing how to piss people off when I want to. Hmmmmmm, ok I got it. Yes definitely. You will see this week on Tyga Remix 3. My weaknesses: always knowing what women are thinking, being impulsive, can’t sleep at night, refusal to throw innocent under the bus for self-gain, absolutely suck at drinking/hard alcohol messes me up for days, can’t dance at all (good thing I can spit fire), only care about what female strangers think/literally don’t care if any guy hates me who I don’t know/respect, addiction to buying exotic animals, the need to always pursue a girl who’s a challenge (ever since 2nd grade), willingness to be going down with ship (also a strength), selflessness (could also be a strength, but it’s done more harm than good so far). Strengths (other than my 4 favs): Self-awareness, being totally genuine/not fake, knowing my mistakes (#1 is throwing a show near Paterson, NJ for people from the rich 201), knowing what people want to listen to/what keeps their attention (mostly aimed directly for girl audience), relentless will to succeed, built-in six pack, people skills, public speaking, essay writing/bullshitting, keeping her wanting more/ability to satisfy like no other when sober, willingness to be going down with the ship/never quitting (this does not mean I won’t do a job outside of Word Up ’95, in early talks to work for CBS Sports/NFL and am getting Boiler’s License to be head custodian of school. Every other Word Up ’95 venture takes up the rest of my time). Areas for improvement: I need a new wardrobe, anger management, gain like 10 pounds (on the way), learn how to get drunk without regretting it/or just don’t ever drink again, saving $ while still investing in career, making amends with people affected by my past mistakes, take more time to appreciate those who do believe in what I’m doing…which is definitely you now after reading this. ;)  That’s it for tonight. Word Up ’95 Style. -Krayon Koz (Ka Rikka)