MLB Trade Deadline 2013 On top of writing music I am an active pitcher and avid sports fan, reader, listener, and watcher... particularly ESPN Radio 98.7 FM NY and Pardon the Interruption. One of my many dreams is get my own radio show there and incorporate rapping about the sports news, with cameras filming for ESPN HD. My teams are the Yankees, Broncos, Knicks, Penguins. I hate the Red Sox, the Raiders, and despise the Nets. Here is my first Yankee Krayblog. At the trade deadline, I think the Yankees needed to get another bat. Brian Cashman should have grown a pair and traded for someone else, like Michael Young or Justin Morneau. Why not make a blockbuster move and give fans more to talk about than biogenesis? It's Mariano Rivera's last year so i don't care about your prospects for a legend. No prospect has really become a star since Cano since Joba and Hughes are sadly coming up short when this should be their prime. They could have been traded in a deal, but of course a deal wasn't made. Now all Yankee fans have to just root for A-Rod's lawyers to get him off so he can win back the Bronx and prove every sports host wrong. He needed the power needles and hulk pills to be the home run king, which would immortalize him... but he's still a damn Yankee and can (probably) pass a drug test now. If he passes, what greater story than winning the world series in Mariano's last year when everyone has written you off? You're our favorite cheater A-Rod, and richest. Repeat 2009. 13 is the number on your jersey, now make it your year too. Help the Yankees catch the Red Sox if you're not banned from showing up at the field. Jeter doesn't want this to turn into a Kobe and Dwight situation if you know what I mean. How would you like getting traded back to Texas or Houston? Good luck finding clubs like New York down there. Meanwhile Soriano, Jeter, and Pettite can pretend it's 1999 and get us ring # 28. Go Yankees! -Krayon Koz