With multiple lines of shirts/hoodies and other Word Up ’95 apparel (see Merchandise), 2 past albums and 1 upcoming (see Music), music videos (Ben Fredette Productions), this website, opening a professional sound-proof studio in Hillsdale NJ, Karaoke/club DJing, video/photo production, marketing/promoting, and traveling petting zoos (WordUp95.com coming soon), Word Up ’95 plans to change this game while letting other people join us, because the best thing one person can do for another isn’t charity, but to give him or her a job with a sense of direction, purpose, and significance. I know I can do this for you, and if you don’t believe me then I challenge you to attempt to do what I have already done all by yourself, and while you’re doing that I won’t waste any time hiring the next guy/girl who does believe in me. I <3 Haters but Hate Hypocrites…You can be one, both, or neither (Now hiring: tell me in one paragraph what you can do for Word Up ’95, pays $10/hour).

I’m currently majoring in marketing at William Paterson University and have held the same government job since I was 16, but now I’m ready to make this a career. Music and animals, whether you like it or not… I’m doing it, homie. So while right now I have a pig, foxes, multiple dogs (Boston terrier, pug, boxador, black Lab mix, chihuahua), bengal cat, and another little guy who’s too top-secret for his own good (*no lawyers), I have used my unforeseen ability to communicate with them to see their perspective on non-human experiences while reflecting on how us people are in contrast to them, and how we can find a common ground to respect each other the same way that other mammals do.

If I’m not creating songs or doing constructive things with my animals/friends, I want to be pitching in a live game and would consider myself the real-life version of Kenny Powers (copyright HBO). I’ll strike you out on the mic or the mound, or anywhere else… it’s only a matter of if I decide that you’re trying to fuck with me. I pick up on every sarcastic comment you make, on every insincere smile or half-ass handshake you give me while you wait until I leave to judge and talk about how I’m not like any of you, falsely predicting and secretly hoping that I fail (For some reason they’re always afraid to just look me in the eye and say what’s on their mind, am I that intimating?)……Or, you could simply be my friend and roll with me on this ride to an ecstasy of self-fulfillment and achievement that no religion, cult, get-rich quick scheme, drug, or even a winning lottery ticket could duplicate. Success to me would not be so I could have lots of money, but that my message would be able to reach this small world while gaining enough fans to be remembered…. and yea, so I could afford to live the lifestyle of a zookeeper rapper baller with the girl I love. If my life was a movie, it’d be the start of the Second Act right now. If you dig the music and feel that it’s catchy, real, and diverse enough to change pop culture and hip-hop, join me to help write the script…

Word Up ’95 merchandise now available for sale, ‘Like’ at KrayonKoz.com/Word Up ’95 Productions and feel free to tweet me @KrayonKoz to let me know which track hit you the hardest. Â đŸ˜‰

“You rappers talk about shit, I actually live it!” -Dr. Krayon Koz: Ph.D in Dissing Fools, License to Kill Rap Careers, CEO/Founder of Word Up ’95 Productions, Relief pitcher/righty flame thrower, Die-hard Broncos/Yankees/Knicks fan, Ford Ranger enthusiast

Special thanks to 20DollarBeats.com for providing me with song-ready beats that I was able to put my lyrics, melodies, and creativity to. Many of the beats that I have used from the past and continue to use are from these producers, and they deserve recognition for their hard work.

“Word Up, ’95 style, I got my man Jay-Z here…” -Big L, 1995