Word Up ’95 is here to prove that people will indeed flock to this idea, and profit can be made for whoever believes in it enough to lend their time. The long-term goal is to have one area where all the animals, music, and sports can be while also being totally portable with Ford Ranger pickups to tow whatever needed. Krayon Koz will continue to work hard for this goal while also expanding on the clothing line that is ‘Word Up ’95 Style’ available on the MERCH page. The long-awaited album ‘No Lawyers’ will drop in 2013 as well, and it is guaranteed to be something that changes pop, hip-hop, and music as we know it.

spoiler alert: Krayon got his ear for melodies by playing cornet since 1st grade, and will bring back this skill to the album ‘No Lawyers’ to push the limits of what is mainstream. Special guests and his resurrected use of harmonica that were used in both previous albums (The Krayon Project, Karikkulum) will appear as well, along with other surprises in both the videos and songs that cannot be written in words. Word Up ’95 could not be more excited for 2013!