Word Up ’95 strives to be its own record label, baseball association, and global corporation that involves music production, fashion design, baseball clinics/leagues and the eventual creation of an all-friendly rodeo/zoo. It actively supports the ethical treatment of animals, but unlike PETA, Word Up ’95 does not judge others for eating meat and supports the  movement to ‘Keep Exotic Pets Legal’. Many of PETA’s members get on their high-horse and literally think they know what an animal wants, claiming that it is ‘cruel’ to keep certain animals in captivity such as primates or livestock. With first-hand experience raising exotic animals, we try to bring the point across that animals such as foxes and pigs not only make great pets, but that they enjoy their life in captivity  because they are raised with other friendly animals who don’t have to be the same species as them to get along.

We will offer the following services with quality and satisfaction guaranteed:
-audio recording/mastering specializing in hip-hop
-video production/editing, modeling/photo shoots
-portable petting zoo with DJ and choice of video for event,
-personal performances by Krayon Koz and other artists for parties
-detailed/creative nail design by our female beauty expert (Sexi Lexi Nail Designs)
-portable batting cage/pitching mound for baseball events at parties/home clinics
-truck hauling/moving/home-cleaning/24-7 taxi service!
-screen printing/t-shirt design
-graphic design/full website design
-lyrics/school paper writing where you’re guaranteed a B or above
-exotic animal/puppy sales (coming spring 2013)
-pet sitting/dog walking
-NJ Baseball Leagues
As of December 2012, Word Up ’95 is also in partnership with Aerus Home Quality products as we personally offer free in-home demonstrations on all Aerus/Electrolux products. We also service and pick-up repairs.
*Take us up on any of these services with no-risk trials for us to establish our reputation. Offering us a chance to impress is what we appreciate, and we will give you nothing to lose to see if our skills are worth paying for. Everything is no obligation with nothing paid until you’re satisfied.