The name Word Up ’95 comes from the mouth of Big L in his epic 7-minute freestyle in 1995 with Jay-Z. While growing up, Krayon Koz would listen to this specific recording to find his flow, and would frequently repeat the phrase “Word Up ’95 style. I got my man Jay-Z here.” When it became clear just how great the year 1995 was for our culture, it became the name of his diversified business. Not only does he still play baseball and throw gas as a pitcher, Krayon Koz is a huge Yankees, Broncos, and Knicks fan. He also loves ’90s hip-hop, TV shows such as Hey Arnold and Boy Meets World, and would consider South Park the most intelligent depiction of the way the world works. South Park has been said to be his ‘religion’ as a hyperbole for what he thinks of the show. He is really a Catholic with a more open mind and less hypocritical approach than most practicing Christians. Here are all the reasons for why 1995 was significant to Krayon Koz.

In 1995:
-Trey Parker and Matt Stone released ‘The Spirit of Christmas, bringing the first appearance of the characters we know today as Eric, Stan, Kenny and Kyle and the birth of South Park.
-Derek Jeter came up from theĀ  minors and the Yankees hired Joe Torre in November, which is what would begin their dynasty the following year.
-HipĀ  hop was at its peak and money was flowing for the United States. Big L, Tupac, and Biggie were all still alive.