Word Up ’95 is born. After Krayon Koz works diligently for months in the studio, the full-length album Karikkulum’ is released and distributed with over 4,000 copies handed out for free. KrayonKoz.com is launched, Word Up Rodeo has formed and the new studio building is in full blast. Krayon’s dream truck has been purchased in June of this year as he continues to work toward his goal of launching the full-time business in May of the following year.


Word Up ’95 has evolved from being a simple idea of animals, sports, and music to something that its founder believes to be innovation that can appeal to the masses of all generations. After its founder Krayon Koz built a professional studio with full recording equipment, sold over 400 items of clothing with 2 lines of hoodies and shirts, released 2 albums, bought a brand new truck, purchased a batting cage, pigs, foxes, multiple purebred dogs, a bengal cat, and an undisclosed primate, it was under the impression of some people who didn’t personally know the business plan or its true motives that it was ‘out of the ordinary’, ‘unethical’, and then possibly  ‘insane’. Krayon’s response to this was “if you’re trying something new, they’ll be people talking shit. I’ve been running my mouth too but now you see me walking it.”


Something as undone as combining animals, music, and sports into one entertainment and lucrative business seemed to be a concept that some people weren’t okay with. As people who once helped Krayon in his mission to start the studio flaked out one by one, he finished building it with the help of hired construction workers, until it finally became what he considered to be his masterpiece. The business was ready to be fully running in May of 2012 until one day in March, the tides quickly turned for Word Up ’95, Word Up Rodeo, and Krayon Koz.


Throughout this whole time of people saying that he wasn’t doing things the right way, he was majoring in marketing at William Paterson University, working as a night custodian to pay for expenses, and playing baseball on the weekends to be the best pitcher he could possibly be, doing everything he loved in life. No one even mentioned that he did more than any of the people judging him, but it didn’t matter. Everything changed when a cult-like support group and an arrogant, uneducated fat doctor named Phillip Mango convinced the house’s owners to kick him out for pets that were already allowed there for over a year and a claim that he may occasionally taste blunts in the year of 2012, where it is legal in 2 states and society is starting to accept its place in our culture. The doctor acted like he knew everything about Krayon just because of his Ph.D and from hearing fabricated and flat-out untrue stories about him all in the line of creating drama and entertaining his sick and therapy-addicted patient, saying that it’d be in his ‘best interest’ to leave the house that he had built his business in.


Dr. Phillip Mango of NYC will soon be exposed for the sick fraud that he is, promoting therapy in which patients sit in his lap like a sick pervert, but that’s all the past now and more time and energy cannot be wasted on the imbeciles who think they’re better than the person who’s creating innovation all by himself. On the other hand, Dr. Mango is still practicing his ‘therapy’ in Manhattan and actually threatened Krayon by telling him that he’d send his ‘mafia friends to his house’ to take away the pets that he had for a year. He never returned his call when confronted for his sick practices, but once again, he somehow believes that he is a man of Jesus so his hypocrisy will soon catch up to him when he dies of diabetes from being 300 pounds. We’ll see how God judges him then for cheating on his wife with the same patient who called the police on Krayon when he was watching TV in his room by himself, doing absolutely nothing illegal and bothering no one.


To protect his name Dr. Mango told the unnamed teacher patient to make him sign a bill of disclosure and confidentiality in order for him not to be charged with trespassing. He signed it so he could leave court, but Krayon Koz is not intimidated by cowards who hide behind the law when he did nothing but do his own thing. Dr. Mango is a sick individual who had an affair with the patient, he threatened Krayon and convinced others to call the police on him to protect his own reputation. He thinks he is a police officer but he is really just a rent-a-cop, way too fat to be one of New York’s Finest. Dr. Mango and his unnamed patient can sue Krayon for exposing the truth on this website, but then he’ll just bring all the e-mails and audio recordings to court proving that neither one of them is component enough to hold a job in their profession… In fact, he dares them to (No Lawyers).


Dwelling on the past is never a good idea, but the truth had to be written. Jesus told his disciples that only he and his Father will decide who is worthy of his Kingdom, yet these ‘Catholics’ think they can judge and decide who is right and wrong when no one was being hurt or threatened ever (no lawyers). Understanding and compromise was never an option, just abandonment, and that is not right in any sense of the word. These people who affected the year 2012 for Krayon Koz will soon be a blip on the radar now that it is behind us. Word Up ’95 Style, Word Up Rodeo 4 Life. Go Broncos, Yankees, Knicks!


“You can probably guess that this comes from the lessons that I learned, and I just want to pass my knowledge on so others don’t get burned. You could say I’m fortunate, that nothing done has left my future dark. But it don’t mean I’ll avoid the risks, like a surfer who’s been bitten by a shark.”
-lyrics to Krayon Koz’s ‘Blue Cotton Candy 2’ coming in 2013


*The perspective of Krayon Koz’s 2012 will be erased and never brought up again when the people who tried to slow him down own up to what they did and apologize for breaking his rule (no lawyers) by UNNECESSARILY involving police. He in no way threatened anyone and to involve the police then take him to court without having a conversation with him was childish and immature, even if you’re in your 50s. Grudges can’t be held if the person never says sorry. WWJD? 🙂 … he’d probably say (No Lawyers).


-On December 21, 2012 Krayon released his mix tape ‘Doomsday Delight’ as a preview for the following year. He was not allowed home for Christmas and now has moved on from ever talking to those lowlifes again.